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Replace worn out or broken pipes with ease.  Upsizing sewer, water and even gas pipes with up to 40ton of pullback power is not a big deal anymore.

It is fast and powerful Trenchless Technology Pipe Bursting, Pipe Replacement System for a range of underground services including water, sewer and gas pipeline.  The pipe bursting method is one of the most efficient replacement service and renovation method available today.  Our pipe bursting system utilises a hydraulic rod winch, couples to a silenced diesel power pack.


Winch rods are fed into the existing service to be replaced, then a pipe cracking head is attached to the rods and the new pipe is pulled into the ground using the power of the winch.

As the pipe bursting head is pulled into the ground, it splits the old service and simultaneously provides an annulus for the new pipe to be installed into.  Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

The 7 Exclusive Innovations of Aussie Burst

Fast Installation - This Trenchless technology pipe bursting, pipe replacement system is capable of replacing up to 100 meters of pipe in approximately 35 minutes. Sizes from 50mm through to 300mm diameter can be installed using this method. Pipe upsizing is also possible in certain conditions.

Rugged and Reliable - The machine is designed to withstand tough Australian conditions. An extra large oil tank and dual acting hydraulic pumps ensures reliability of the power supply.

Operator Safety - Pendant control allows the workers to operate the Pipe Burster out of the pit while the cracking is taking place, ensuring operator safety at all times. Coupled with the unique double jaw system, which keeps constant pressure on the cracking head eliminating whip and spring back whilst the machine is in operation.

Powerful - The double pump hydraulic system driven by a reliable Kubota engine produces a fast and efficient installation method.

Quiet - Coupled with the silenced hydraulic power pack and the quiet, smooth operation of the winch, pipe bursting lends itself for use in noise sensitive areas.

Simple to operate - Tapered threaded rods, 180 degree knuckle joints, floating double jaws and pendant controls makes this pipe bursting machine extremely ergonomic and user friendly.

Small Footprint - Due to the very compact size of the pipe bursting winch bed, smaller pits can be dug with less excavation. This means it is required to carry out less restoration and overall job costs are generally reduced.

How To Repair a Burst Pipe with Aussie Burst


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