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No Dig Equipment is a supplier of Trenchless Technology equipment, including Microtunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Moling, Pneumatic Piercing Tools and Pipe Bursting machines.

Trenchless technology is a specialised industry primarily used for the installation or repair of pipes underground. As the name implies, Trenchless technology involves construction techniques using Trenchless installations, which means installation without trenches or the need for excavation.

Trenchless technology is generally used to minimize environmental damage and to reduce the costs associated with underground construction.

See below a list of products we can provide for all your trenchless technology needs.


NODIGMole pneumatic piercing tool for the NBN

Pneumatic piercing tools, the must have tool for the NBN... read more

Vacuum Excavator


Clean-up mud & pothole to exposed buried more

Back Reamers

Rock Reamer

The toughest back reamers for HDD... read more


HDD Tooling


The "must have" tools for any Trenchless more

Pipe Bursting

pipe bursting category

Upsizing sewer, water and even gas pipes with up to 40ton of more

Pilot Tube Microtunneling

Pilot Tube Microtunnelling B750

Particularly suited for gravity sewer, water and drainage more


No Dig Equipment manufacture and supply of trenchless technology products: Microtunneling and Directional Drilling tools such as Directional Drilling Blades, Chucks, Starter Rods, Collars, Back Reamers, Rock Reamers or Hole Openers and much more.