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The 25 Tonnes Pilot Tube Microtunneling bored a 225 mm diameter PVC pipe, 12 m long under a road in Armadale, Western Australia, without any traffic disruption.

Westscope Contracting complete the job in less than 2 days with a small crew of 2 people, significantly reducing the labor cost.

The Pilot Tube Microtunneling B250 has enough power to handle most applications in most ground conditions.

Perth and its suburban area is located on the West Coast of Australia which is predominantly sandy however the Armadale area is located in clay country and therefore the works were undertaken in a soft yellow clay, which proved not problem for the B250 Micro Tunneler.

Westscope Contracting have been using their B250 Pilot Tube Micro Tunneller machine for a few years now and have installed over 3.4Km of sewer pipe using this system and the machine has never let them down.

To learn more about the Pilot Tube Microtunneling B250, visit this webpage : B250