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Vacuum Excavation unit VM500 skid mounted.


" For over two years now Orpheus Contracting Pty Ltd has been operating a Hanlyma 44/40 HDD machine supplied by No Dig Equipment, and we are pleased to report that the after-sales service has been excellent. The machine itself is a solid performer with serious capabilities - usually more than are required for small jobs - but reliable, easy to operate, uncomplicated and cost-effective.

We feel qualified to say that the auxiliary products provided by No Dig Equipment are generally very robust, effective and competitively priced.

No Dig pride themselves in being innovative problem solvers, always willing to trial new ideas and product modifications intended to provide solutions to on-site problems. Orpheus Contracting has benefitted from this attitude, and is pleased to endorse No Dig Equipment. "

- Will Hepburn from Orpheus Contracting Pty Ltd -


" We use the B110 microtunneler supplied by No Dig on all our infill sewerage jobs.

For the customer side, they are a great advantage.

Where we might take 3 or 4 days to dig through yard pulling down trees and fences. Which might take the same time as the boring, but then we loose crews for 2 weeks for cleaning that 1 yard. And with boring, we don't have any cleaning up except for the actual hole that we've dug, so the impact on that is a magic cost saving. "

- Michael Gosatti from Premium Corporation -


"We have two microtunnelers from No Dig Equipment, and they save us a lot of hassle.

The alternative of underground boring would be open trenching and its something you can't really deal with when the properties are too close to the boundary or compare to cost involved in restoration work its a cheaper alternative even the only alternative. "

- Ian Priday from Foothills Drainage -


"We were very impressed at the way the Aussie Burst works. We just dug the pit where we would insert the Aussie Burst pipe bursting tools, we crack the pipe and as the pipe is being cracked, you're pulling along the plastic HDPE pipe. We were so impressed that there was no large open trenches, there was no concern to the traffic, there was no concern about the pollution to the environment and the whole thing ran quite smooth. "

- Peter Gin - Manager Water & Sewer - Griffith City Council -


"Thanks Craig for supplying the sand guzzler. I plumbed it to the Ditch Witch JT820 and am amazed at the volume it can pump. This pump has been a must on most of our jobs being in school play grounds and sport grounds. I will let you know next time I am chasing something due to the fact we seem to be spending shit loads of money at Ditch Witch. Being new at this game i can't believe how expensive parts are maybe I should have stayed plumbing. Anyway thanks again for a ripper product, talk soon. "

- Shane Southern - Southerndale Horizontal Boring - Wangaratta VIC -