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NoDigEquipment 2013 VM450s for hire

Aug 2013. We've just added 2 brand new VM450s to the hire fleet

We are answering an increasing need for service locating in WA. As a result, we are building more and more VM450s on trailer to supply this particular demand. Today, 2 brand new machines complete the hire fleet. Choose from :

  • Diesel Mine Spec'd blower pack delivering 550cfm of suction through a 3" dia. 7m long hose.
  • Petrol blower pack delivering the same output.


What can you do with a Vacuum Excavator VM450 ?

  • Locate Underground Utilities
  • Clean / dig around live gas, water or sewer pipes
  • Safely expose buried telecommunication cables
  • Maintain buried pipe joints
  • Clean site from drill mud when horizontal drilling
  • Install fence posts
  • ... and much more

We are placing 2 different VM450s on hire so you can try both and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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