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Lateral Pipe Bursting ideal for replacing hard to get at Sewer, Water and Drainage lines

The rehabilitation and replacement of service laterals or house connections has traditionally been a difficult, expensive and time-consuming job, but a recent explosion in lateral pipe bursting has changed the way contractors approach lateral replacement. Inherently the pipe bursting method is well suited for lateral pipe replacement.  It helps minimize disruption and represents a fast and effective way to replace deteriorating lateral lines, particularly in built up and difficult to access areas.

How our 40T Lateral Pipe Bursting helps municipalities and home owners

Static pipe bursting equipment come to the forefront in recent years. Our 40T pipe burster can help municipalities and home owners deal with lateral pipe replacement easily and cost effectively and keeps disruption to a minimum.

Pipe Bursting is well suited to the plumbing industry

Our static pipe bursting machine is specifically designed for lateral bursting and can replace house connections up to 30m in length. Our system is lightweight and includes everything needed for pipe bursting operations. This includes bursting heads or bursting cones for 100 and 150 mm pipe, winch chaine and hydraulic power pack.

Our new static pipe burster can negotiate turns and bends up to 45°. Because the system is hydraulically powered, no air compressor is required.

How To Repair a Burst Pipe From Homes to Main Lines ?


Top 4 benefits of our Lateral Pipe Bursting :

- 1 - Extremely Small Footprint

- 2 - Ideal In Confined Space

- 3 - Small Enough To Fit Into Manhole

- 4 - Dual Stage Pump Provides Plenty Of Power



40 TON
T-100 Steel – 6 mm (1/4") thick square tubing and 4.75 mm (3/16") thick square tubing
Working Pressure (oil)
3000 psi
Pulling Power
80 000 lbs
Cylinders (2 cylinders)
Sized 100 mm (4")
Pulley (Working Load)
40 t
Chain Couplers (3)
Pulling & Retaining Latches
40 t
Chain - 15 mm (5/8")
30 m Syst 10, Gr 100
Relief Valve
Set at 3000 psi
Power Supply
9 Hp Honda
Maximum Pipe Bursting Size
200 mm (8")
Breaking Cone Material
4140 tool steel (heat treated)
500 mm (20")
635 mm (25")
405 mm (16")
100 Kg (220 lbs)
Work Space Required
610 mm x 910 mm (24" x 36")
Honda Power Pack 9 Hp gas engine2 Stage PumpStage 1 Low Pressure 1100 psi – low volume 6 GPM
Stage 2 High Pressure 3000 psi – low volume 1.8 GPM

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