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Here are some great photos which show 5 common reasons of a typical deteriorating sewerage system.

These photos on the left show some typical problems of the old earthenware pipe and are classic cases for renewal by pipe bursting.

Reason 1 : "Hammer Taps"
Here a junction collapses and falls into the pipe, this will generate some major problems in the main line as well as the house connection.

Reason 2 : "Root Penetration"
This is a huge problem and there is much ongoing work required to keep the roots in check.  Why not just get rid of the problem once and for all and replace the pipe with Poly using pipe bursting.

Reason 3 : "Collapsed Main"
Not an uncommon problem and can happen for many reasons. This sort of failure is a great cause of infiltration and ex-filtration causing pollution to surrounding waterways.

Reason 4 : "Cracking"
To avoid bigger leaks and before the main line collapse, replacing the pipe as soon as you detect cracks is always a good idea.

Reason 5 : "Offset Joints"
Due to ground settlement, landslide, tree roots and poor bedding during installation, the main line can suffer from this weakness and therefore generate massive leaks.

What are the choices you have to face these major problems ?
There are a few choices you can utilise to fix some of the above problems,
- Open Cut Method
- Relining
- Pipe Bursting

But I believe that in small pipelines like this one, the best and most cost effective ways to fix the problem is by using pipe bursting.

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Reason 1
Hammer Taps
Hammer Tap, CCTV in sewer pipeline 

Reason 2
Root Penetration
Root Penetration, CCTV in sewer Pipeline  

Reason 3
Collapsed Main
Collapsed Main CCTV in sewer pipeline

Reason 4
Cracks CCTV in sewer pipeline  

Reason 5
Offset Joints
Offset Joint CCTV in sewer pipeline