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Vacuum trailer for hire

VM500 video

Vacuum Excavation unit VM500 skid mounted.

We are proud to announce that we have gained Australian Made Certification.

As per the announcement by Lynne Goodwin, Licensee Support of Australian Made Campaign Ltd. Our company and products are now searchable on the Australian Made Website.

Here at No Dig Equipment, we have been innovating and coming up with some new and improved products in our equipment range. We have taken on board many suggestions and ideas from our customers and dealers, which has allowed us to come up with this great little vacuum excavator.

Compaction reamers are a vital tool in the arsenal of any directional drilling job. The nature of their job means that they cop a lot of wear and abuse. The tough ground conditions reamers work in means that tungsten carbide bits can get smashed and hard facing worn away in an instant.

Reamers are an expensive part of your drilling package and generally a variety of reamers and sizes are required dependent on your ground conditions. Because of their cost it is imperative that they are kept in good condition so they can do their job as intended, but also that you are not replacing them unnecessarily due to wear or failure in the hole.

At No Dig Equipment we specialise in bringing your reamers back from the dead

August 2016: Custom Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack for Helms Plumbing

Helms Plumbing, is a provider of civil drainage and plumbing services in metropolitan Melbourne.  Helms specialise in horizontal boring for installation of underground services.

300 Reamer 4 LR

Trenchless Solutions needed a 300mm custom Hole Opener in a hurry in order to meet a deadline on one of their construction project. The job involved installing a 225 sewer pipe on grade through solid Basalt.

To make things even more challenging it was required to receive the pilot bore from with in an existing manhole which had less than 900mm of space. The back reamer hole opener needed to be no more than 600mm in length, so it could be installed from inside the manhole in order to back ream the bored hole to its required size.  


July 2016. No Dig Equipment Celebrates the completion of it's 100th Vacuum Excavator

This Month, No Dig Equipment proudly celebrates manufacturing of over 100 Vacuum Excavators and providing customers throughout Australia with a wide range of Innovative Trenchless Equipment and Solutions.

vacuum excavator vm1000 10

vacuum excavator vm1000 11 sml

Utility detection is an essential part of any mining project. It involves digging up without disruption of any surface. It can help to prevent accidents, injuries and of course costly damage as well as save time and improve cost-effectiveness of any project.

The VM Series Vacuum Excavation Units and Sucker Trucks by No Dig Equipment have a simple and efficient solution to a variety of jobs, whether it's excavating, potholing utilities, drill mud clean up, sewer cleaning, industrial vacuum excavation, or just providing a safer method of digging around a utility.

July 2016: AngloGold Ashanti recently acquired a Vac Unit for Tropicana Mines

AngloGold Ashanti is one of the largest global gold mining company has recently acquired a customised Vacuum Excavation Unit for Tropicana Mines.

vacuum excavator unit

vacuum excavation truck sml01

June 2016. VM3000 Vacuum Excavator truck hired by Rio Tinto for Hope Downs Mine

We make several models of petrol and diesel vacuum excavation units. Offering trailer mounted, skid mounted or truck mounted models. All our vac units are Australian designed and built dedicated to providing a safe, precise and cost effective alternative to conventional mechanical excavation methods.

January 2016: We are delighted to rollout a massive 400mm Towing Head for Kimberley Pipelines

We are delighted to rollout a massive 400mm Towing Head for Kimberley Pipelines Pty Ltd. based in Osbourne Park (Perth). Kimberley Pipelines has been in operation for more than 15 years and is a leading service provider for mine site de-watering, desalination pipelines, tailing and slurry pipelines and underground services.

Towing Heads

Vacuum Excavator

December 2015: No Dig Equipment - Celebrating 17 Years of Trenchless Excellence (Trenchllence)

Established in 1998, No Dig Equipment has been a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Trenchless Technology equipment in Australia. Equipment used in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Under Road Boring, Microtunnelling and Vacuum Excavation for the purpose of installing underground services like Telecommunication, Fiber Optic Cabling (NBN), Water, Power, Gas, Sewer, Drainage and much more.

December 2015: Fulton Hogan to acquire three Vacuum Excavation Units

Fulton Hogan is a large infrastructure construction, roadworks and aggregate supplier company in New Zealand and Australia and is one of the contractors along with Visionstream and WBHO for NBN. They will connect premises using fibre-to-the-node, fibre-to-the-building, or fibre-to-the premises technologies. Fulton Hogan have been hiring vaccum excavators from us since september and after trialing it for couple of months have decided to purchase three of our awesome vacuum units (Two VM500 Diesel Vacuum Excavation Machines and One VM1000 Diesel Machine) from our fleet.

Vacuum Excavator

Vacuum Excavator

December 2015: Another Vacuum Excavator delivered to Sydney

It's Official! We have now delivered our most popular Vacuum Excavator Machines (VM500 Series) to all states in Australia. Yet another Vacuum Excavator built in record time and delivered to Sydney.

November 2015: No Dig Equipment is a leading Manufacturer and Retailer for Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment. We have just completed a 700mm diameter fly cutter for Power on Cabling. Power on Cabling is installing 500 diameter water mains in Perth using their Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill.

HDD Fly Cutter Back Reamer

HDD Drills

November 2015: Another Two Vacuum Excavators Delivered to Melbourne for Quick Access.

Vacuum Excavation is the safest process that uses pressurised water and industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. The VM500 Vacuum Excavation System is mostly used in crowded spaces, like cities and other suburban areas where underground services are prolific and the impact of you work has to be minimal.

Construction and application

Directional drilling backreamer has a robust design to reduce the amount of resistance-causing spoil build-up, a built-in swivel minimizes the distance to the product pipe.


piston vs screw compressors 01

Which compressor type is the best for soil displacement hammers and the horizontal boring industry ?

New security fencing around the Perth International Airport Control Tower

When it came to installing new security fencing around the Perth International Airport Control Tower, DBS Fencing called on No Dig Hire to supply vacuum excavation equipment to install the foundations for the new fence posts.

Vacuum excavator DBSFencing 001 thumb

Portable Vacuum Excavation

Portable Vacuum Excavation.

A VM450 vacuum excavator on skid has just been delivered to a contractor in Karratha.

Another B06 Bedborer just delivered to Sydney.

The contractor has won a large water upgrade job and is planning to use the B06 under road boring machine to install water services across roadways in hard clay and Shale ground conditions.

These conditions would usually be very challenging for pneumatic boring tools like NODIG Moles.

B06 Bed Borer 6T microtunneling small

NoDigEquipment 2013 VM450s for hire small

We've just added 2 brand new VM450s to the hire fleet

We are answering an increasing need for service locating in WA. As a result, we are building more and more VM450s on trailer to supply this particular demand. Today, 2 brand new machines complete the hire fleet. Choose from :

  • Diesel Mine Spec'd blower pack delivering 550cfm of suction through a 3" dia. 7m long hose.
  • Petrol blower pack delivering the same output.

Ground Water Control is taking delivery of the new B750 Pilot Tube Microtunnelling machine from NO DIG Equipment.

Here is their first job with the microtuneller, the perfect training situation.

2.7m deep, 1.5m below the watertable, 18m long, 150mm diameter PVC sewer on line and grade.



View all angles of the new B750 Pilot Tube Microtunneling machine. A 50T push microtunneler which will drill straight lines of 400mm sewer up to 80m long. No Dig Equipment design team is proud to show you a 360 degre view of the latest and the strongest ever build 50T pilot tube microtunneler.

Don't be fooled by the 50T mark. It is proven that it will be more accurate and will drill longer shot than the other big micro tunneling machine in its category, like Akkerman TBMs or Auger Boring machines.

Why? click on 'read more' to find out !

The latest release of the Pilot Tube Microtunneler B750, a 50T push microtunneler. The perfect machine for installing sewer lines up to 400mm diameter.

The new machine will be going to work in the Perth region where it will be primarily used on Infill sewer and land development projects.

We have redesigned the B750 upon receiving feedback from our customers for a bigger and more powerful machine and the new rig includes a much stronger thrust box which can handle much greater loads than before.


VM500 vacuum excavator 004

Vacuum Excavator Rental - Vacuum Excavators from 500L tank on a trailer up to 4500L tank on a 9T truck for HIRE.

Those Vacuum trucks and vacuum excavation systems trailer mounted are equipped with pot-holing high pressure system to locate buried utilities easily. A must-have machine for contractors involve in underground utility locating service industry.

Useful machines for water well contractors and horizontal boring contractors as it helps keeping the job site clean.

Here are some great photos which show 5 common reasons of a typical deteriorating sewerage system.

These photos on the left show some typical problems of the old earthenware pipe and are classic cases for renewal by pipe bursting.

Hammer Tap CCTV in sewer pipeline


No Dig Equipment manufactures a range of Microtunneling equipment capable of installing pipe sizes from 150mm to 350mm in diameter. The move into the trenchless market was largely encouraged by the 10 year 'Infill Sewerage' project, instigated by the WA Water Corporation. The machinery was specifically designed to cater for the installation of 150 and 225 diameter PVC sewer pipe, which are the most common sizes used in this project.

Our companies B110 microtunneler was specifically designed to be man handled into places which would normally be inaccessible by conventional construction equipment. The equipment is so small that it can fit through a standard household door. This means that it is possible to utilise this machine with a minimum of disruption to housholders and their properties.

The B110 is lightweight, high powered machine, which is capable of 11T of thrust force and 1,400Nm of torque. This is coupled to a petrol or diesel hydraulic power pack, capable of delivering70 L/m at 2500PSI pressure.

Our Company sells a range of horizontal boring equipment, which may help increase productivity and provide considerable cost saving on your next contract.

The Aussie Mole is a pneumatic earth-boring tool which is ideally suited for installing cables and ducts from 20 mm through to 120mm in diameter.

These moles feature new state of the art technology, including a unique 'floating head' design. This provides more rapid penetration and increased accuracy in even the toughest conditions. This means that you will achieve increased productivity and thereby save money.



New Town Toyota Victoria Park (Jan 2009)

New Towns expanding business had the requirement for some additional car servicing space. So when the opportunity came to acquire the Newspaper premises next door, they knew there was some work required in converting the old news paper house into a modern Toyota Service Center.

In order to facilitate the the wash down requirements of the new service center, a trenchless solution was sought to keep disruption and cost to a minimum.

The job required installation of approximately 140m of sub slab gravity drainage pipe in order to hook up a series of sumps for washing down the shop floor.  The propposed gravity drainage lines discharged to the outside of the building where the contaminated effluent was first treated prior to discharge into the public sewerage system.

Due to the sloping site, depths below the slab where up to 2.2m deep.

Here is some info sent in from a pipe bursting contractor who has obviously encountered some problems in the past.  It demonstrates some interesting solutions, so we thought we would pass it on to anyone who is interested.

"As we all learn, it is near impossible to crack through the old fashioned malleable cast iron items that can be encountered at times. We found several ways of dealing with these.

We sometime used a self propelled post hole digger and used that to bore down to the problem item.

Method No 1 - Call the nearest industrial gas suppliers, B.O.C had a mobile service in Brisbane, and a quick hit with a slug of liquid nitrogen will crack the iron ring item.

Method No 2 - Try the head down with an oxy torch method to cut the mongrel out and it works too but not easy. Difficult to prevent splatter getting on the mole body.

Pipe Bursting Job


Building a new residential house always involve a lot of preparation work including installing the underground services before digging for the foundations : Gas, Water, Sewer pipelines and Telecommunications Cables. and drainage.

Garbut Drainage Contractors was contracted to install a drainage house connection. The problem for Garbut Drainage was that the main line was at the other side of the road making the installation a lot more difficult.

Since the local Shire does not permit open excavation across its existing road network, Garbut Drainage had to find another solution, instead of breaking the road, blocking the traffic and spend thousands of dollars in reinstatement and traffic management.

Therefore they choose a Trenchless solution which was safer, faster and without traffic disruption.

Garbut drainage engaged Westscope Contracting, who used a B250 Pilot Tube Microtunneling machine from No Dig Equipment to carry out the job.