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The latest release of the Pilot Tube Microtunneler B750, a 50T push microtunneler. The perfect machine for installing sewer lines up to 400mm diameter.

The new machine will be going to work in the Perth region where it will be primarily used on Infill sewer and land development projects.

We have redesigned the B750 upon receiving feedback from our customers for a bigger and more powerful machine and the new rig includes a much stronger thrust box which can handle much greater loads than before.

The power pack has also been upgraded to provide increased production and faster turnaround on the job.

Overall the new B750 keeps the same philosophy of a strong reliable microtunneler which is both simple to operate and maintain.

The footprint of the drill has not changed and can still be set up in a standard shoring box or caisson with a minimum size of just 2.4m

More information on the B750, visit the page here.