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August 2016: Custom Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack for Helms Plumbing

Helms Plumbing,, is a provider of civil drainage and plumbing services in metropolitan Melbourne.  Helms specialise in horizontal boring for installation of underground services under roads and drives where open excavation would prove difficult and disruptive.  There current method of powering their under road borer was through their auxiliary circuit on their hydraulic excavator.  This unfortunately ties up an expensive machine which could be better utilised opening up more bore pits or for trenching works.   The solution was to provide a dedicated power pack for the drill so the digger could get back to work doing what it does best.  Our engineers at No Dig Equipment custom designed a diesel hydraulic power pack which had to have some very specific conditions.  The power pack had to have a extremely small foot print in order to mount on an already congested truck bed.  Normally our power packs would resemble diesel generator, but as can be seen from the pictures below, we ended up with something quite different.

Hyd Power Pack 1 LR.



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