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Available in two sizes, The SH75 and SH100 are heavy duty suction hose specifically designed for Hydro-Vacuum Excavation needs. These are a lightweight and highly flexible composition of high Nitrile/PVC compound, making this hose well suited for transferring abrasive slurries to waste tank.

It features Black High Nitrile content PVC hose with highly visible yellow raised rigid PVC helix for high durability and flexibility. Smoothbore to reduce friction and abrasion for excellent suction and UV stability.

Complete with Camlocks and clamps on various lengths depending on Hydro Vacuum Machines, also available an Extension suction hose with standard 10-meter length or as per order.

PRODUCT CODEInside Diameter (mm)Outside Diameter (mm)Min Bend Radius (mm)Vacuum Rating (mm hg)


End to end Suction Hose


Suction Hose and Parts

Camlock 4 inch Type E

Aluminium Camlock 4 inch Type E

Hump Hose

Heavy Duty Rubber Hump Hose adaptor

Camlock 3 inch Type C

Aluminium Camlock 3 inch Type C

Ring Clamps

Various sizes of Stainless Steel Ring Clamps

Camlock 3 inch Type E

Aluminium Camlock 3 inch Type E

Suction Hose

Heavy Duty Suction Hose


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