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Vacuum Excavator Parts

stainless steel ball

Floating Stainless Steel Balls used for fluid shutoff float valve and vacuum excavation spoil tanks. Available in 2 sizes Ø100 and Ø150 for 3" and 4" Vacuum Systems.

Mobile electric clutches provide reliable performance in many long life applications where electromagnetic clutches are key. They were primarily designed as air conditioning compressor clutches, but now are also used as clutches for hydraulic pumps (clutch pump) and clutches for vacuum pumps.

clutch 01

vacuum filter

The Vac Filter plays a critical role in vacuum excavators. All our Vac Units are equipped with a filter designed for both dry and wet conditions.

Simply clean filter when flow starts to slow or filtration starts to drop. Easy to clean by simply using a garden hose and spraying off dirt. Filters can be washed over & over and reused.

Greatech Tri-Lobe Blower is the most popular among vacuum excavation manufacturers. With Conservative operating speeds, these blowers have low maintenance and extended life.

greatech blower side 05

hose reel

These are lightweight and flexible, high quality PVC hose specially designed for suction or transfer applications where visual flow is preferred. The red spiral transparent wall (Non-toxic) heavy duty suction and delivery hose.

Brass lever valves offer a quick and convenient design and reasonable cost for non-hazardous low pressure liquefied applications. Built with durable brass construction, these Lever action gate valves are manufactured in Italy with high quality materials and most commonly used in Vacuum Excavation (Vac Unit) tanks.

lever gate valve

sight glass

Sight glasses (also called fluid level indicators) are used to provide a means to view the level of fluid in a container or tank. Offered in a variety of combinations of metal, plastic and glass, to accommodate different types of fluids and tank pressure.