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From sand to granite, No Dig Equipment offers a wide range of back reamers for directional drilling, so you can maximize productivity in the hole no matter what the ground conditions are.

We build Long Life Backreamers

Directional drilling backreamers must combine hardness for long life and toughness for long term durability so that the tool does not fail under the normal back reaming forces.

A superior finish to the bored hole

Reaming should only remove small amounts of material in a progressive manner, this ensures a long life for the reamer and a superior finish to the bored hole.

No Dig Equipment provides a wide range of directional drilling HDD back reamers to suit all your trenchless jobs.

See details below for the range of HDD backreamers we can supply.

Easy Reamers

easy reamer with swivel

The smallest backreamer for the the smallest pipes and more

Ripper Reamers

Ripper Reamer 400mm RR400

High mixing and pumping more

Rock Reamers

Rock Backreamers

Custom built rock reamers in soft and hard formation cutter more


Fly-Cutter Backreamers

Ideal for mixed ground more

Compaction Reamers

Compaction Reamers, a sand backreamer

The best in sand where any other will more

Barrel Reamers

36inch Barrel Reamer - HDD backreamer

A standard for larger more

Ripper Reamer

HDD backreamers designed for high mixing and pumping action in sticky clay ground conditions.  Carbide cutters are precisely placed to provide smooth even cutting action.

  • Ballistic Carbide Cutters for superior cutting in hard condition
  • Ideal for sticky & hard pack clay conditions
  • Angled blades for superior mixing

backreamer Ripper Reamer 400mm RR400

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Ripper Reamer

 Part #
Ripper Reamer 200mm Cut Diameter, 2 1/2" shaftRR200
Ripper Reamer 250 mm Cut Diameter, 2 1/2" shaftRR250
Ripper Reamer 300 mm Cut Diameter, 2 1/2" ShaftRR300
Ripper Reamer 350 mm Cut Diameter, 2 1/2" shaftRR350
Ripper Reamer 400 mm Cut Dia, 2 3/8 API shaftRR400
Ripper Reamer 500 mm Cut Dia, 2 3/8 API shaftRR500

Don't forget the Connector Subs and  Swivels


Exceptionnal reamer for clay and mixed ground.

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Rock Reamer

 Part #
Reamer Hole OpenerRHO200
Reamer Hole OpenerRHO300
Reamer Hole Opener Medium Hard IADC 537RHO400
Reamer Hole Opener Medium Hard IADC 537RHO500

Rock Reamer - Hole Opener

Custom built rock reamers for back reaming in rock to 200 MPa. Soft and hard formation cutter options available. Reamers can be configured with built-in stabilizer for single package reaming.

See more Hole Opener options here

  • Ideal for Hard Rocky conditions
  • Built in Stabiizer options available
  • Hard and soft cutters available for varying ground conditions
  • Reamers with through shaft to allow reamer stacking

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Fly Cutter

Our Fly Cutter Back Reamers are ideal for mixed ground conditions, large openings allow cobbles to pass with great mixing action.

Ideal for clay and abrasive soil conditions

  • Carbide Shark Teeth grind through tough ground conditions
  • Additional hardfacing for extra-wear protection
  • Stabilizing ring to provide clean smooth hole

Fly Cutter

 Part #
Fly Cutter 300mm Diameter Cut SizeRF300
Fly Cutter 400mm Diameter Cut SizeRF400
Fly Cutter 500mm Diameter Cut SizeRF500
Fly Cutter 600mm Diameter Cut SizeRF600
Fly Cutter 700mm Diameter Cut SizeRF700

See the Connector Subs and Swivels


Find our complete selection of back reamer in the HDD Tooling Catalogue - Available NOW!

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Compaction Reamer

 Part #
115mm Pack, 2 1/2" shaft, (Optional Swivel)RC115
150mm Pack, 2 1/2" shaft, (Optional Swivel)RC150
200mm Pack, 2 1/2" shaft, (9T Built in Swivel)RC200
250mm Pack, 2 1/2" shaft, (9T Built in Swivel)RC250
300mm Pack, 2 1/2" shaft, (9T Built in Swivel)RC300
350mm Pack, 2 1/2" shaft, (9T Built in Swivel)RC350
400mm Pack, 2 3/8 API through shaftRC300
500mm Pack, 2 3/8 API through shaftRC500
600mm Pack, 2 3/8 API through shaftRC600
650mm custom build, Check out the pictures on Facebook, click hereRC650

Don't forget the Connector Subs and the Swivels


Reduce torque on the drilling process!

Install the pipe in one go and don't get stuck

Compaction Reamer

Our new Compaction Back Reamer suite a great variety of ground conditions from wet running sands through to hard abrasive ground.  Ballistic carbide cutters provide great grinding action in harder ground.

Less torque, faster reaming, better flushing, unique trowling edge promotes filter cake to improve hole stability, this reamer look after your hole before you even put the pipe through.

This reamer is Ideal for sandy mixed ground conditions and with its unique troweling edge  promotes a superior bentonite filter cake which aids in-hole support and reduces pressure to aid flow-out of cuttings.

More on our Compaction Reamers here

  • Built-in swivel options on reamers 200mm and up
  • Taped design to reduce torque in compact ground conditions
  • Carbide bullet bits grind through tough ground conditions
  • Large mud course provides good spoil clearing

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Barrel Reamer

Our barrel back reamer is the standard for larger HDD rigs, come with API threads and back cutters for back or forward reaming.

Ideal for sand and loam  soil conditions, the barrel reamer can be used for stacking with fly cutter of hole opener, or can be used by itself for cleaning pre-reamed holes and pulling in the product.

  • Replaceable bullet bits grind through tough ground conditions
  • Interchangeable nozzles to varie jet sizes and pressures
  • API through shaft to allow stacking with Fly Cutters

Barrel Reamer

 Part #
Barrel Reamer 2 3/8" API reg, 300mm Dia pack sizeRB300
Barrel Reamer 2 3/8" API reg, 400mm Dia pack sizeRB400
Barrel Reamer 3 1/2" API reg, 500mm Dia pack sizeRB500
Barrel Reamer 3 1/2" API reg, 600mm Dia pack sizeRB600

See our Quick Connector Subs & Swivels


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Because every job is different, No Dig Equipment only manufacture the HDD Reamer Stabilizer to order.  This is to ensure that the stabilizer perfectly matches the package to be installed.

See the Connector Subs and Swivels


HDD Reamer Stabilizer

HDD back reamer stabilizers or centralizers ideally run in conjunction with hole openers, fly cutters & barrel reamers.  They provide support in front or behind the reamer to ensure that hole is cut central and straight.

  • Keep your hole straight
  • Available with API through Shaft
  • Additional hardfacing for extra-wear protection


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Connector Subs Swivels

connector subs for HDD backreamer

Front Coupling


Rear Coupling


No Dig Equipment manufacture connector subs / adaptors compatible with most common Vermeer and Ditch Witch HDD Drill Rigs.  Our adaptors are specifically designed to match our backreamers.  They provide an easy solution to

utilise reamers between different models of machines by simply changing out the front sub / adaptor.

This also provides a very cost effective solution for repairing your backreamer, as it is usually the front thread that wears out prematurely.  With the use of a cheap replaceable adaptor, you can be backreaming fast.

For a complete range of our adaptors please have a look at the the table below. Other connector subs / adaptors and crossover subs are available on request.

Connector Subs - Front Coupling

Adaptors to suit Vermeer® HDD Drills

D7x11, suits 2.1/2" ShaftRSV711-50
D16x20, D20x22, D24x40, to suit 2.1/2" ShaftRSV2440-50
D16x20, D20x22, D24x40, to suit 3" ShaftRSV2440-100
D16x20, D20x22, D24x40, to suit 2.3/8" API Reg threadRSV2440-API
Other sizes of thread on request

Adaptors to suit Ditch Witch® HDD Drills

JT1720, JT2020, JT2720, to suit 2.1/2" ShaftRSD2020-50
JT1720, JT2020, JT2720, to suit 2.3/8 API ShaftRSD2020-API

Connector Subs - Rear Coupling

Pulling eye

20-ton, suits 2.1/2" ShaftRSP-50
40-ton, suits 2.3/8 API ShaftRSP-API

Swivel to suit Vermeer® HDD Drills

Adaptor sub suit 2.1/2" ShaftRSVQ-50
Adaptor sub suit 2.3/8 API ShaftRSVQ-API

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