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Compatible Transmitter Housings to suit Vermeer® and Ditch Witch® HDD Drills, plus a universal box-box Transmitter Housing to attach any drill head like the Rock Drill Bit to any HDD Drill.

We now have a range of Transmitter Housings and an universal box-box housing which can be adapted to every Horizontal Directional Drill out there with a simple sub / connector.  Our transmitter housing are designed to take standard DigiTrak, Radio Detection and Subsite transmitter / sondes.


Double Jets Nose Piece increases jetting performance and reduces wear on the Transmitter Housing

Tough hardened nose piece is available with a variety of nozzle sizes. The nose piece is 1/8" larger than the housing body which significantly reduces the wear on the housing.

Transmitter Housings with Replaceable Tail Sub

All our transmitter housings have a replaceable tail sub which provides longer service life than the OEM and other after market housings.  When the thread wears on your quick connect it is a simple and cheap operation to get you up and drilling again just by changing out the quick connect sub.  This means you don't have to rework the whole housing and you are back drilling fast.

Transmitter Housing for Ditch Witch HDD Drill

3" (5 bolts) Compatible Transmitter Housing to suit Ditch Witch® HDD Drills

From JT1720 to JT3020

Transmitter Housing for Vermeer HDD Drill

2.3/4" & 3" (7 bolts) Compatible Transmitter Housing to suit Vermeer® HDD Drills

From D6x6 to D33x44

Transmitter Housing Standard adaptable to all HDD Drills

Standard 3.1/4" Transmitter Housing

Suits all HDD Drills with a connector sub to match your Rig.

Best with Rock Drill Bit