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Maddington 6109
Western Australia

Vacuum Excavation VM2000 and VM3000

No Dig Equipment is a Western Australian owned and operated company providing innovative vacuum excavation technology - a safe and efficient, non-destructive, none invasive method of excavation.

Vacuum excavation (also known as: Non- Destructive Digging/Hydro-Vacuum Excavation) is widely accepted as the safest way to locate, expose or excavate around underground services to physically locate, install or repair.

No Dig Vacuum Excavation carries out works for the civil construction industry, major utility providers, electrical, communications and plumbing contractors and local government.

Our VM2000 and VM3000 Vacuum Excavators feature the productive know-how that comes from nearly 20 years of supplying contractors and municipalities with durable, reliable trenchless technology equipment in a large-sized machine purpose-built for vacuum excavation.


  • Diesel Engine
  • Powerful Roots Blower
  • Fully Enclosed Blower Pack
  • Quietest System in the Market
  • Protection from the Elements

power pack enclosure



  • Three Stage Filtration System
  • With Cyclone Separation
  • Washable 5 micron filter element
  • Sight glass on filter housing
  • Ease of service

filtration cleanout



  • High pressure water pump system
  • Large 800L water tank 
  • Set at 2500psi for safe working around existing services.

water system



  • Hydraulic cylinder tank lift
  • Able to work on cylinders with tank down
  • Remote tank lift control
  • Ease of Operation
  • Manual door lock

tank dump system

vm3000 vm2000 drawing

VM2000-VM3000 Dimensions




2245mm 4808mm 1725mm


2245mm 4241mm 1725mm


VM2000/ VM3000 Vacuum Excavator

Vacuum System

3” hose all round and 550 CFM blower

Diesel Engine

26.1Hp Kohler KDW1003

Spoil Tank

2000L or 3000L Capacity with remote hydraulic tipping

High Pressure Water System


Water Tank



Optional Extras

Skid Frame c/w forklift holes


Double Jet Digging Wand

6.5 inch / 165 mm hole

Hose Reel

20m or 50m of High Pressure Hose Reel

HEPA Filter

Class H 13 Rating

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