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HDD Stacked Plate Back Reamers

Construction and application

Directional drilling backreamer has a robust design to reduce the amount of resistance-causing spoil build-up, a built-in swivel minimizes the distance to the product pipe.


Available with rotary or Shark Teeth to create an aggressive cutting action. Ideal for rugged ground conditions ranging from Clay, Hardpan, Aggregate and Rock formations up to 137.89 + mpa.

This multi plate Reamer cuts and pulverizes, and forces the remaining pieces into the formation wall.

Key features include:

  • Constructed from steel plate;
  • Product is fully welded;
  • Aggressive spirally flutes allow cuttings, small aggregates and drilling fluids to pass by the body;
  • Jets facilitate precise mud flow and placement;
  • Carbide cutters provide maximum performance and tool life;
  • Tungsten carbide and hard facing on all wear surfaces.

Wear Protection

  • Carbide teeth heavy duty carbide teeth deliver aggressive cutting action and extends service life.
  • Hard surfacing of welds and cutting edges are protected by tungsten and hard surfacing for extended service life.

The challenges with HDD tooling remain the same as the application itself – using the correct fluid mixture, knowing the varying soils conditions, trained operators and proper drill tool maintenance.

HDD Tools are considered wear items it's critical to make sure all tools are inspected, maintained repaired when worn it is important step before starting a job. It can cost contractors more long-term if a tool is not repaired before use.

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