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Duct Pullers, Pipe Towing Heads and Cable Socks

Towing Head vs Pipe


The picture shows an example of what can happen when a pipe get stuck in the ground and you keep pulling. The pipe will snap, but our Towing Head will never let go!

This picture shows one of our Towing Head TH50 attached to a 50mm OD pipe. The TH50 managed to get through but no luck for the pipe.

Score : Towing Head 1 - Pipe 0

No Dig Equipment manufactures and supplies a range of Towing Socks, Towing Heads and Duct Pullers for pipe to suite most applications found in the Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD industry.

Our Towing Heads, Duct Pullers and Towing Socks are made of the highest quality materials. This ensure that maximum life and reliability is achieved down the hole.

If you don't see the product you need below please don't hesitate to give us a call for a customized duct puller or towing head to your requirements.

Towing Heads / Duct Pullers

The Standard Towing Head is the most efficient way to allow the safe towing of polymer pipe into position. Also known as a Duct Puller  this tool is a standard part of any HDD operation.

No Dig duct pullers and towing heads are made from the highest grade materials including high tensile steel jaws to ensure continued performance in the toughest conditions.

Towing Head.10.2

Towing Heads

Nom. Size

I.D. Min (mm)

I.D Max (mm)

O.D (mm)

Approx Weight (kg)

50 39.0 48.0 50.0 1.00
63 48.0 60.0 63.0 1.70
90 67.0 86.0 90.0 2.80
110 88.0 101.0 110.0 4.20
125 96.0 116.0 125.0 5.20
140 107.0 137.0 140.0 8.60
160 128.0 154.0 160.0 11.60
180 143.0 171.0 180.0 15.00
280 220.0 252.0 280.0 35.00

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Cable Socks and Grips

Hose OD m

Break Strength kg

Length mm


8-14 1300 400 TS14
14-20 1300 550 TS20
20-30 2800 640 TS30
30-40 5500 870 TS40
40-50 5500 970 TS50
50-60 5500 1250 TS60
60-70 9300 1300 TS70
70-85 9300 1350 TS85
85-100 9300 1620 TS100
100-120 12500 1830 TS120
120-140 16000 2200 TS140
140-180 16000 2370 TS180

For more info on our Cable Towing Socks see here

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Towing Socks, Slings and Grips

Towing Socks for pipe or towing stockings, also known as Pulling Stockings and Cable Grip are generally used for installing cables and small pipe ducts in HDD applications.  They work on the principle 'the harder the pull, the tighter the grip'.

Our Towing Socks are hand woven using high tensile galvanised steel wire, making them reliale and re-usable over and over again.

Their main use is in pulling cables and special sizes are available just for this purpose.  A range of standard cable socks are available for common underground cable sizes for single LV and multiple HV cables.  Custom sizes can be manufactured on request.



Screw in Towing Heads

Screw-in Towing Head and duct puller is suitable for small diameter pipe and ducts. They are designed to install polyethylene pipes and ducting using a screw-in tapered buttress thread to grip the inside wall of the pipe or duct.


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Screw in Towing Heads

ID min

ID max

Outside Dia.

Pipe (mm)

Part #

12 15 16 TH16
14 18 20 TH20
19 24 25 TH25
24 30 32 TH32
30 38
40 TH40

The duct puller can be used to install inner ducts inside a larger duct, but they may also  be used for directional drilling applications and in combination with multiple duct pullers.

Our screw in Towing Heads are manufactured from high tensile steel and are zink plated for corrosion resistance and durability and as they have no moving parts, they are both reliable and maintenance free.

bolt-on_towing_head_10.2Bolt on Towing Heads

Our bolt on towing heads are designed to be bolted through a large diameter PE pipes. This is a cost effective alternative to other models where the one off cost of a expanding type duct puller is not warranted.  This is a cost effective solution for pipe sizes 300mm and upward.  No Dig Equipment manufactures bolt on towing heads to order only, so please drop us a line for your specific requirements.


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