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360 degree view of the new B750 Micro Tunnelling machine

A 50T push microtunneler which will drill straight lines of 400mm sewer up to 80m long. No Dig Equipment design team is proud to show you a 360 degre view of the latest and the strongest ever build 50T pilot tube microtunneling machine. The essential machine for gravity sewer installation and other microtunneling jobs.

It is proven that it will be more accurate and will drill longer shot than the other big micro tunneling machine in its category, like Akkerman TBMs or Auger Boring machines.


Stronger and more accurate than ever before

The B750 pilot tube Micro Tunnelling Boring Machine, so called MTBM, with 50 tonnes of pushing forces is able to install pipes of up to 450mm outside diameter and with incredible accuracy. Ideal for gravity sewer and other straight pipelines. The large inner diameter of the drill rods greatly help the vision of the lights for the theodolite guidance at long distances. Because you naturally have to correct the constant derivation of the drill head, the bigger is the inner diameter size of the drill rods, the better is the vision of the lights, helping you to drill longer shot and more straight than other hudge microtunneling and auger boring machines.

The 50T B750 is an extremly good value for money

Because of the small size of the rods, there is a lot less front resistance and therefore needs a lots less pushing forces to drill through.

Less resistance forces means :

  • less power required
  • smaller hydraulic pump (much cheaper to maintain)
  • smaller power pack means smaller engines (easier to maintain and will produce the same outcome)
  • overall less petrol or diesel consumptions
  • less and smaller hydraulic hoses to deal with (those reinforced hoses can be very heavy)

Smaller gear package means lighter to carry and more compact

Therefore, you would need smaller trucks and smaller excavator or digger to carry the machine to site. A little 3T excavator is usually the best advantage because it is a lot less environmentally destructive than the other big 20T diggers.

Its 'naked' look will save you money

The overall look of the new Pilot Tube Microtunneling B750 is voluntarly 'naked'. Those machines have to deal with harsh environments and are very often cover of mud at the end of the job. Making it easy to clean will saves you time and therefore money in the long run. The failures will be easier to spot too. Any leak or damaged hose will be much easier and much faster to replace bringing the maintenance cost down to a minimum.

Click here for more pictures of the B750 Pilot Tube Microtunneling machine from NO DIG Equipment.

More specifications of our Micro Tunnelling machine here.

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