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Pot Holing

Heavy Duty Pot Holing is the vacuum heads of our Hydro vacuum machines. Pot holing wand options are Standard PVC type, Standard PVC with steel handle attachement, Steel wand Zinc plated, and Steel wand with High Pressure Jet Nozzles.

This Pot Holing Wand is a PVC type with Steel Handle attachement for easy digging and control.


Other Pot Holing Wands and Parts

Pot Holing Steel

Pot Holing Steel Zinc coated

Double Jet Pot Holing Wand

Double Jet Pot Holing Wand with High Pressure Jet Nozzles

Standard Pot Holing Wand

The Standard Pot Holing Wand is made of high quality PVC material, commonly used by our small hydro vaccum machines

Pot Holing Handle Steel

Pot Holing Handle Steel Attachment for better control and ease of work.

3 inch Male Camlock

3 inch Male Camlock attachment


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