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Mobile electric clutches provide reliable performance in many long life applications where electromagnetic clutches are key. They were primarily designed as air conditioning compressor clutches, but now are also used as clutches for hydraulic pumps (clutch pump) and clutches for vacuum pumps.

Additionally, pump clutches are often used in vacuum pump applications where the clutch engages a compressor mounted in the engine compartment of a service truck. It feature numerous pulley configurations including v-belt and poly-v as well as universal hub mounts.

The two applications for clutches on this type of equipment are on the vacuum pump, typically around 25HP, and the high pressure water pump. Workers can shut off the vacuum while loosening the soil, then turn off the water pump, and turn on the vacuum pump. This gives both energy savings and extends the life of both pumps.

The second application is for a mobile clutch to drive the high pressure water pump. In the past, customers used to purchase a separate clutch and pump but now this package is usually provided by the pump manufacturer.

This application is a take-off of the old sewer clean out trucks. The use of clutches helped to modernize this application, providing the end user energy and cost savings.

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