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One of the smallest Micro Tunneler

This Pilot Tube Micro Tunnelling machine gives contractors the versatility of a small light weight drill rig.

The B110 pass through a standard household door

This unit is 2.25m (89") in length and only 0.6m (24") wide. This allows access into those confined spaces where the conventional rigs can't go. This Pilot Tube Micro Tunnelling Machine and its power pack can even be negotiated through a standard household door for access in back yards of private residences.

Maximum accuracy

The micro tunneler B110 is specifically set up to install 150mm (6") dia sewer and drainage pipe to grade and line. Bore length in excess of 30 m (90') and grades of 1 in 200 have been achieved with this unit in depth to 4m (13 ft) below ground level.

A Multipurpose Micro Tunnelling System

The Pilot Tube Microtunneling machine can also be configured as a directional drill rig and can even be fitted with an air hammer to drill through solid rock for non grade holes.

Drainers! Plumbers! That is the one!

The engineered simplicity and versatility make the B110 microtunneling machine an ideal tool for drainers, plumbers and any other contractors associated with trenchless installation of underground services.


B110 Pilot Tube Micro Tunnelling Machine Photo Gallery

Micro Tunneling

Micro Tunneling

Micro Tunneling

Pilot Tube Micro Tunneling

Pilot Tube Micro Tunneling

Micro Tunneling

Pilot Tube Micro Tunneling


Pilot Tube Micro Tunnelling B110 - Specifications and Data
Torque:1,400 Nm (1033 lbft)
Thrust:11T (24,250 lb)
Pullout:6T (13,230 lb)
Dimension:2100mm L x 600mm W x 1200mm H
Mass:200 Kg (440 lb)
Tooling:20 m of 70 mm (66' of 23/4") Pilot Rod System 20 m of 100 mm (66' of 4") Auger System 1 x 150 mm (6") Cutting Head
Guidance System:Electronic Theodolite
Power Source:Remote, Kohler 25 Hp petrol engine 19 kW (25 Hp) at 3600 rpm 70Lpm (19GPM) at 2000 PSI
Notes:The machine is supplied complete for installation of 20m bores

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