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Brand New Vacuum Excavation VM1000 (Diesel) on trailer ...
Vacuum Excavation System for sale
Vacuum Excavation System for sale
Vacuum Excavation System for sale
Vacuum Excavation System for sale

Using a VM1000 is the easiest way to locate underground services (power and telecommunication cables) and physically see where they are before drilling or doing other excavation work.

The VM1000 Vacuum Excavator is mainly used in crowded spaces, like cities and other suburban areas where underground services are prolific and the impact of you work has to be minimal.

What type of work can you do with a VM1000 Vacuum Excavator?

  • Cleaning Telecom pits
  • Haul cables and ropes through ducts
  • Underground service locating
  • Clean up construction sites
  • Install fence posts
  • Live gas pipe maintenance
  • Live sewer pipe maintenance
  • ...and much more

What the VM1000DT comes with?

  • 26 Hp Kohler Water Cooled Diesel engine
  • 550 cfm blower / vacuum pump providing 15" Hg of vacuum
  • 2700 psi high pressure water pump
  • 7m of 3" suction hose from the 1000L spoil tank to the 3" suction pipe
  • Heavy wall 3" suction pipe, 1200mm Long, fitted with a 3" CAM-LOCK
  • 15m of high pressure hose
  • 1.5m long lance water gun
  • 500L clean water tank
  • Maintenance and operation manual
  • Heavy Duty 3.5T skeleton trailer c/w electric brakes (your car or truck needs to have electric brakes module fitted)

You can add the following options (contact us for prices)

  • 10m of 3" suction hose
  • Extra 50m of high pressure hose on reel (see pictures)
  • Combination double jet digging wand (digs 6.5" hole)
  • HEPA filter option for asbestos