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Brand New Build to Order VM850 Vacuum Excavation (Diesel) on trailer ...
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The VM850 Vacuum Excavator is used mainly in crowded spaces, like cities and other suburban areas where underground services are prolific and the impact of your work has to be minimal.

VM850 mounted on a heavy-duty 3.5T skeleton trailer with electric brakes which incorporates all standard components in one simple package, ready to mount on your own trailer or small truck. Perfect for Australian hard pack clay and the common hard red earth that you find everywhere in WA.

The Vacuum VM850 comes with :

  • 850L Fully Galvanized hydraulic tilting spoil tank
  • Full opening door
  • 550cfm blower
  • 3" suction hose all round
  • 7m of suction hose from the tank to the suction pipe.
  • High-pressure water pump, 3000psi
  • 500L clean water tank
  • 3.5T Heavy duty trailer with electric brakes included.
  • Contact us for your choice of skid mounted or your own truck-mounted options