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VM4500 Vacuum Excavator for sale...

The VM4500 vacuum excavator is the most powerful hydro-vac unit in the fleet. It can hold 4500L of spoil at a time. It features a hydraulic tilting tank and a full opening back door for safer dumping.

Email us at or Call 08 9493 0642. We deliver Australia wide.

Specification of the vacuum excavator:

  • 4500L hydraulic tilted spoil tank
    800L of clean water tank
    10m of 4" suction hose
    2m Long double jet pot-holing wand (will dig 6.5" hole)
    20m high-pressure water hose
    1.5m L high-pressure gun
    64Hp Kohler Diesel Turbo water-cooled engine
    Mine spec'd control panel (inc. emergency stop, battery isolator, etc)
    High-pressure water pump (3600 psi)
    12000cfm blower

note: skid mount only! truck not included.

Available upgrade option for your VM4500 (sold separately):

  • Hydraulic boom fitted on top of the waste bowl
    10m of 4" extension suction hose with cam lock fittings

Price starting from $106,500 + GST