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Original Grundomat Type 45 for sale. Comes with 20m hose and a lubricator. Ideal tool for NBN works, installing optical fiber under driveways or small roads. Up to 32mm dia. conduit.
Soil Displacement Hammer
Soil Displacement Hammer
Soil Displacement Hammer
Soil Displacement Hammer
Soil Displacement Hammer

Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools have been providing precise horizontal directional boring for decades. With minimal operating space, the tool serves as a complement in many situations. It is a feasible alternative to more expensive directional drilling equipments.

For maximum productivity from your Grundomat Mole, We are offering the most popular Gold Package. The Grundomat Gold Package includes all components in the basic package plus a convenient maintenance tool box that includes common tools needed by the user to install accessories and perform maintenance procedures on the Grundomat.

For more information about how to purchase Grundomat pneumatic piercing tool type 45 Gold Package please call us 08 9493 0642


  • 45mm diameter
  • 979mm long
  • Weight 8kg
  • 570 stroke per min.
  • 20m hose including couplings
  • 1L capacity oiler / lubricator

Price : $5,391 + gst + freight.

Grundomat Pneumatic Earth Piercing Tool