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Rock Drill Bit

Sniper Rock Drill Bit Optimized for Rock Drilling with a Horizontal Directional Drill - HDD DrillingRock Drill Bit and Transmitter Housing for Horizontal Directional DrillingDrilling through Rock become a breeze

NO DIG Equipment now own the Rock Drill Bit in house, a rock tool specifically designed for the Horizontal Directional Drilling in rocky ground condition.

Designed for drilling in Rock


Perfect in non-compactable conditions like Hardpan, Shale, Sandstone, Cobbles and Soft Rock Formations.

Carbide Studded Heel


The heel elevates carbide cutters into the top of the tunnel to accelerate steering and minimizes wear at the steering surface.


Strategic Carbide Placement


All body carbide is soldered in place and is located on all steering surfaces and edges that lead into the cut.


Reinforced Bit Face


The bit face provides a significant area to support the 3 main cutters and is carbide lined for superior performance.


Independent Cutting Paths

Rock_Bit_HeadView_Independent_Cutting_PathThe 3 main carbide cutters cut independent paths around the tool's centerline, achieving an optimum cutting angle, producing a smoother cutting action, and delivering longer bit life.


Cutter #1 initiates the cut


Cutter #2 makes a slightly deeper relief cut just inside the initial cut


Cutter #3 breaks the chip for easy removal.



Field Serviceable


Main carbide cutter punch-out holes are easily accessible, making field service a breeze.

Rock Drill Bit

  Part #
Rock Bit, 2.75, Hole Size 3.50" to 4.00" BR275
Rock Bit, 3.00, Hole Size 4.50" to 5.00" BR300
Rock Bit, 3.50, Hole Size 5.50" to 6.00" BR350