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Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD Drill)

NODIG Equipment have teamed up with McCloskey International to bring to you the most powerful Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig in its class. With an advanced electric hydraulic system the D15 HDD Rig delivers more horsepower to the ground, better fuel efficiency, and guarantee 15,000 lbs of thrust/pullback, while simultaneously delivering 1600 ft - lbs of rotation respectively. Click here to download a copy of McCloskey D15 Brochure.


D15 Hydraulic Compound Cylinder offers high performance and less maintenance. Featuring long life seals and brass wipers for protection from the elements, the D15 requires less maintenance and wear part replacements than other companies’ rack and pinion design, which can be more at risk for drive motor breaks. Compound cylinder operation delivers smoother operational control.


Optional interactive diagnostics automatically alert operators to service and supply needs and can order parts and regularly schedule maintenance.


Industry leading partners deliver all the power you need - Mincon air hammer accessories break through the toughest rock due to the powerful rotational torque and thrust available on the D15.


With the option of manual or automatic, the Open Top Vise provides excellent visibility to monitor connections and breakouts.


Horizontal Directional Drill Photo Gallery

HDD Drills

Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD Drills Australia)

HDD Drills

HDD Drills

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD Drills Australia)

Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD Drills Australia)

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD Drills Australia)

HDD Drills Australia

HDD Drills Australia

Horizontal Directional Drills Australia

Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD Drills Australia)

Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD Drills Australia)

HDD Drill Video


Length 14.4’ 4.4 m
Height 5.51’ 1.7 m
Width 4.2’ 1.3 m
Weight 4.4 tonne  

Make and Model Kubota V2403MT Tier 4i  
Fuel Type Diesel  
Maximum Engine RPM 2700 RPM  
Gross Horsepower 59 HP 44 KW
Max Torque 122 ft-lb 165.1 Nm
Displacement 148.53 cu. in.  
Number of Cylinders 4  
Cooling Method Liquid  
Aspiration Turbo Charged 265 Nm
Air Cleaner Donaldson  
EPA Certification Family Tier 4i FLEX  

Voltage 12  
Battery CCA Rating (amp) 1000  
Alternator Current Rating (amp) 35  

Auxiliary Pump Flow at Max Engine RPM 17 gpm 64.4 L/min
Auxiliary Pump Reflief Pressure 2800 PSI 193 Bar
Thrust/Pullback Pump Flow at Max Engine RPM 30 gpm 113.7 L/min
Thrust/Pullback Pump Relief Pressure 3750 PSI 207 Bar
Rotation Pump Flow at Max Engine RPM 30 gpm 113.7 L/min
Rotation Pump Relief Pressure 3000 PSI 207 Bar
Thrust 15,000 lbs 6804 kg
Pullback 15,000 lbs 6804 kg
Rotary Torque 1600 Ft-Lb 2200 Nm
Rotary Speed (Maximum) 130 RPM  
Minimum Bore Diameter 2.5" 63.5 mm
Ground Travel Speed 3.3 MPH 5.3 KM/H
Joystick Multifunctional and Programmable
Thrust Cylinder Compound Type

Diesel Fuel Tank 25 gal 94.6 L  
Hydraulic Tank 27.4 gal 103.7 L  

Maximum Fluid Pressure 1000 PSI 69 Bar
Maximum Fluid Flow 25 GPM 95 LPM
Mud Mixing System 300 Gallon 1100 L

Type Firestick 1  
Length 6'  
Pipe Diameter 1.9"  
Rods (33) 60 meters 198ft

Make and Model Performix® SL300  
Tank Capacity 300 gallons (1100 L)  
Engine Kohler® Command CS Pro 6 Hp (4.5 Kw) engine  
Pump 170-gpm (11 lps)  
Fuel Tank 6-gallon (23 L)  
Tank Guns 3  
Connections 2" (5.1 cm) suction and discharge ports  
Length: 2500 mm Width: 1000 mm Height: 1400 mm

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