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Trenchless Products (Drilling and Boring Equipment) For Sale

B06 Under Road Bed Borer machine for Sale

Ideal Under Road Boring machine where extra power and ...

Price: $ 24,000

Grundomat type 45 Gold pkg

Original Grundomat Type 45 for sale. Comes with 20m hose ...

Price: $ 5,391

Second hand vacuum trailer for sale

VM750 used vacuum machine trailer mounted, 750L spoil tank ...

Price: $ 20,000

Grundomat type 45

Original Grundomat Type 45 for sale. Ideal tool for NBN ...

Price: $ 5,262

Grundomat type 45 Silver pkg

Original Grundomat Type 45 Silver Package for sale. Comes ...

Price: $ 6,376

NODIG Mole 65 Silver Package SPECIAL

NODIG Mole 65 Silver package soil displacement hammer. ...

Price: $ 6,324

NODIG Mole 45 GOLD package

NODIG Mole 45 GOLD package. Brand new c/w 12 month warranty ...

Price: $ 5,160

NODIG Mole 54 Single tool

NODIG Mole 54 soil displacement hammer. Brand new c/w 12 ...

Price: $ 3,971

A Tool for the NBN - NODIGMole

Are you cabling optical fiber for the NBN under driveways, ...

Price: $ 3,080

NODIG Mole 76 GOLD package

NODIG Mole 76 GOLD package soil displacement hammer. Brand ...

Price: $ 8,004

Hydraulic Power Pack 20HP for sale

25 HP Petrol Hydraulic Power Pack. (Made to Order)

Price: $ 6,500

B750 Pilot Tube Microtunneling 2012 model

We have released the latest 2012 model of the biggest Pilot ...


New Tri-cone Rock Drill Bit - Rock Tool - Rock Rollers

New Tri-cone Rock Drill Bit Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) ...

Price: $ 2,714

Mitsubishi 4x4 Canter Vacuum Excavator For Sale

Up for sale is a Mitsubishi 4x4 Canter Vacuum Excavator ...

Price: $ 58,000

Microtunnelling Power Pack for sale

New Cummins Power Pack. Ideal for microtunneling ...


Vacuum Excavation System for sale

Brand New Vacuum Excavation system also called ...

Price: $ 27,490

Rock Reamer - Hole Opener for sale

Rock Reamer OFF the shelf. Choose a size from 9in diameter, ...


Dub Swivel for sale

NO DIG Equipment manufacture new Dub Swivels 5 ton, 9 ton ...


Beaver Tail Reamer 14in for sale

Genuine Ditch Witch® Beaver Tail HDD Back Reamer 14inch ...

Price: $ 950

Beaver Tail Reamer 10in for sale

Genuine Ditch Witch® Beaver Tail HDD Back Reamer 10inch ...

Price: $ 950

Compaction Reamer 350mm for sale

Compaction Reamer complete with built-in swivel for sale. ...

Price: $ 3,150