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Ideal Under Road Boring machine where extra power and accuracy is required

The machine is capable of installing cables, conduits and pipes up to 150 mm in diameter. All tooling is included for drilling up to 20m and back reaming in clay & sand up to 200mm dia.


Light Weight drill rig with real power

This unique Under Road Boring machine gives contractors the versatility of a small light weight drill rig combined with real power. You can even use the hydraulic system of your mini excavator to power the bed borer B06.


Go where the other cannot

This unit is 1.75m in length and only 0.46m wide. This allows access to backyards throught normal household doors where the conventional rigs can't go.


Very popular in the cable laying & plumbing industry

The engineered simplicity and versatility make this rig an ideal tool for electricians involve in the NBN for example, telecommunication cable and fiber optic, plumbers and any other contractors associated with trenchless installation of small underground services.


A Complete Package




+ Hydraulic Power Pack + 2x craddles hosting 20m of drilling rods + 1000L of water with a high pressure system


Bed Borer B06 - Specifications and Data

Micro Borer System
Model B06
Torque (max):
1,150Nm (850 lbft)
Speed Range:
0 - 100 rpm
Thrust (max):
6.5T (14,500 lb)
Stroke (3 stage):
1219mm (48")
Base Rig Dimensions:
1750mm L x 460mm W x 1200mm H
Pipe Sizes Installed:
Up to 200mm diameter
Boring Distances:
20m dependant on ground conditions
Operating Pit Size:
2m dia. / 2 x 1m rect
Guidance System:
Digitrak SE
Hydraulic Power Pack:
25Hp Petrol Engine
70 Lpm (19 GPM) @ 2000 PSI


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