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Free HDD Reamer Selection Guide

Reamer Selection GuideTake advantage of years of research and experience in the horizontal drilling industry

Download our 14 page HDD Reamer Selection Guide for FREE

What are we talking about in this guide? :

  • The 4 basic types of ground conditions
  • The 4 basic types of HDD Back Reamer
  • Advantage and disadvantage of each type of HDD Back Reamer
  • Selecting the right swivel to avoid Jack Knifing
  • Know your machine connection
  • The important role of the drilling fluid

Directional drilling is not an exact science and if the ground conditions are OK, a successful bore is usually not so hard to achieve. However as most drillers know, easy and consistent ground conditions are not the norm, and every bore can throw up a different set of challenges.

Having the right combination of reamer, swivel and drilling fluid will greatly increase the chance of a successful outcome.

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