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Reamer Refurbishment Bringing Reamers Back from the Dead

Compaction reamers are a vital tool in the arsenal of any directional drilling job.  The nature of their job means that they cop a lot of wear and abuse.  The tough ground conditions reamers work in means that tungsten carbide bits can get smashed and hard facing worn away in an instant.


Reamers are an expensive part of your drilling package and generally a variety of reamers and sizes are required dependent on your ground conditions.  Because of their cost it is imperative that they are kept in good condition so they can do their job as intended, but also that you are not replacing them unnecessarily due to wear or failure in the hole.


At No Dig Equipment we specialise in bringing your reamers back from the dead. Our service includes re-applying hard facing with tungsten chip, replacing broken carbide teeth, replacing subs and re building your swivels.


This will generally give you a reamer as good as new and means that you will be drilling with it for longer.  It is always best to stay on top of your reamer maintenance, which usually means repair and refurb costs are minimal and your reamer is always performing at its best.

Reamer Worn

 Reamer Rebuilt

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