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No Dig Equipment Celebrates the completion of it's 100th Vacuum Excavator

July 2016. No Dig Equipment Celebrates the completion of it's 100th Vacuum Excavator

This Month, No Dig Equipment proudly celebrates manufacturing of over 100 Vacuum Excavators and providing customers throughout Australia with a wide range of Innovative Trenchless Equipment and Solutions. Founded in 1998, No Dig Equipment manufactures and supplies a variety of Vacuum Units, NoDigMole (Soil Displacement Pneumatic Hammer), HDD Tools, Pilot Tube Microtunneling Machines (Bed Borers) and HDD Drilling Rigs, No Dig Equipment has evolved to become one of the most trusted brand in trenchless industry in Australia. We've supplied trenchless products to hundreds of clients Australia wide including multinational clients like Rio Tinto, Fulton Hogan and AngloGold Ashanti.

VMSeries Multi Purpose Vacuum Excavation Systems

Our most popular VM Series include VM500 Unit with a 500L Tank to VM4500 that has a massive 4500L tank. We make several models of petrol and diesel vacuum excavation units. Offering trailer mounted, skid mounted or truck mounted models. All our vac units are Australian designed and built dedicated to providing a safe, precise and cost effective alternative to conventional mechanical excavation methods.

Vacuum Excavators are used for locating underground utilities safely. As a non-destructive digging medium for a variety of utility and municipal excavation applications, including potholing, locating of existing fiber optic lines, cables and other utilities.

Lower costs and Increase profits. By making clean ups fast and simple, reduce the damage claims by knowing exact utility locations.


vacuum excavation

vacuum excavator

vacuum excavation truck 004

vacuum excavation truck 005

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To inquire about price, availability or order the VM1000 Vacuum Unit, please call 08 9493 0642 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simply fill the form below:

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