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Another Fly Cutter Back Reamer for Installing Water Main in Perth

November 2015: No Dig Equipment is a leading Manufacturer and Retailer for Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment. We have just completed a 700mm diameter fly cutter for Power on Cabling. Power on Cabling is installing 500 diameter water mains in Perth using their Ditch Witch JT100 Directional Drill.

Fly cutters are ideally suited for mixed ground conditions where there is a likelihood of encountering large rocks and cobble. The open formation on the fly cutters allows these rocks to pass more easily whilst providing good mixing action. Our fly cutters provides additional cutting teeth at the back of the reamer to allow back cutting if required.

HDD Fly Cutter Back Reamer

HDD Fly Cutter

Fly Cutter by No Dig Equipment

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