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Grundomat type 45

Grundomat type 45
Grundomat type 45
Grundomat type 45
Grundomat type 45


Original Grundomat Type 45 for sale. Ideal tool for NBN works, installing optical fiber under driveways or small roads.

This tool is a soil displacement hammer and work its way through by pushing the soil around itself. It doesn't remove any dirt or spoil. Therefore it works best in any loose soil like sand, soft sand, etc...

This is a replacement tool. You need a compressor capable of 50cfm @ 100psi minimum, plus a hose and an oiler / lubricator in order to work. We recommend the use of a screw type compressor as oppose to the reciprocating (piston type) compressors. Find out why here.

For more information about how to purchase Grundomat pneumatic piercing tool type 45 please call us 08 9493 0642


  • 45mm diameter
  • 979mm long
  • Weight 8kg
  • 570 stroke per min.

Price : $5,262.11 + gst + freight.

Grundomat Pneumatic Earth Piercing Tool