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Directional Drilling Mud

We supply premium directional drilling fluid, drilling mud which are specifically formulated for HDD drilling. Such as EZ-MUD® drilling fluid and QUIK-GEL® additive for water well & mineral exploration applications, and BORE-GEL® boring fluid for horizontal directional drilling and construction operations.


Baroid Industrial Drilling Products

It's a mixture of clays, water, and chemicals pumped down the drill string while a bore hole is being drilled to lubricate the mechanism and carry away rock cuttings.

Baroid products are the only fluids recommended to be utilised with the Mud Puppy recycling system.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, a Product Service Line of Halliburton, supplies a comprehensive line of drilling, grouting, plugging, abandonment, and well rehabilitation  products, specifically engineered to optimise performance and end-user costs.


How to choose the right drilling mud ?


Free Drilling Fluid Information Pack

For information on drilling fluid specificaly formulated for Directional Drilling, please click on the picture to the left to enlarge and you can print it via your browser. 

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